Arabia Investments Holding to capitalize on the sales tally to finance the groups medium-term strategic plan

أصول مصر

Thursday, 04 March 2021
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

Up to 67.65 million stocks were sold for EGP46.5mln.

AIH to finance its strategic plan using sold-out treasury bills


Arabia Investments Holding sold out its entire treasury bills constituting 67.65 million stocks on the Egyptian Stock Exchange for EGP46.5mln. 

According to managing director Sherif Shaheen, Arabia Investments Holding aims at funneling the sale’s tally to finance the group’s medium-term strategic plan, featuring the consolidation  of similar investments to create two separate legal entities, one for financial non-banking activities, and the other for conventional investments. 

The plan also includes “ the scaling up of operational efficiency through merging common departments with non-banking activities to upgrade management of expansions and to double the volume of works in the upcoming three years,” said he.