MEDEX was established with an authorized capital of EGP10mln

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Thursday, 04 March 2021
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

Founded by Fatahallah Fawzy, Mohamed Idris and Danana with EGP10mln capital

MEDEX kicks off as a medical developer with wide expertise


In light of the political leadership and the state’s interest in supporting and upgrading the health sector, MEDEX announced launching its innovative and widely experienced business in the Egyptian market’s health sector. 

MEDEX’s board of directors includes prominent figures with wide expertise in engineering, medicine, administration, marketing and finance. 

MEDEX’s board includes Eng. Fatahallah Fawzy, chairperson of Mena Real Estate Investments, Eng. Mohamed Idris, chief executive of Mabany Edris for Real Estate Investments, Prof. Hisham Danana, and Mr. Walid Danana. 

Inspired by creative ideas and well-studied strategies necessary for generating value-added health services, MEDEX was established with an authorized capital of EGP10mln, according to Mr. Walid Danana. 

The state adopts multi-pronged strategies to upgrade the health sector and increase private investments, he added, noting that Egypt’s current urban expansions require the establishment of hospitals and medical buildings to attract populations to these cities and achieve the targeted capacities as scheduled.  

 MEDEX seeks to collaborate with developers willing to execute health services projects, out-patient clinics inside residential units. 

MEDEX performs all consultation and management tasks including feasibility studies, financial studies, auditing, design supervision, execution management, preparations, procuring equipment, running medical institutions and financing.  

MEDEX has an ambitious plan for unceasing expansion in services provided to its clients and weaving success stories and providing quality products in the medical and health services sector, he elaborated.

“ MEDEX will publicize its entering into contracts with leading entities and organizations in the upcoming days, as the company is keen to sign agreements with earnest entities so as to help provide a quality and value-added products,” said he.