The company seeks to develop projects on par with its expertise in real estate development and meets the needs

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Sunday, 22 May 2022
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

The 1st commercial administrative project by the company there

Developer X launches “Muse the Strip” in New Cairo

A Cooperation between developers to provide unique real estate product  to customers is very important”, says Mohamed Saad Eldin

Developer X real estate company, a subsidiary of the Shoura Group, has launched “Muse The Strip”, its latest project in New Cairo, in cooperation with Saad Eldin Group.

Shoura Group’s Chairman, Ashraf El-Shiaty said that his company seeks, through Developer X, to develop projects that fit its expertise in real estate development, and which suit the needs of our target customers. This comes in addition to exploiting the company's large and distinctive land portfolio.

El-Shiaty added that the completion of development in New Cairo and its proximity to the New Administrative Capital (NAC) raises the volume of demand for commercial and administrative projects. This will benefit from the availability of services, and the quality of life in New Cairo.

In addition to this, there is an integration between housing and work in New Cairo, which are major factors that have strengthened the company's business in investing in a new commercial and administrative project in the area.

El-Shiaty stressed that the new project has been implemented in partnership with Saad Eldin Group. It achieves an element of integration that both companies have, which contributes to building a unique real estate project in New Cairo.

The company is constantly seeking cooperation with successful partners  to develop projects that match its history, he explained.

Mohamed Saad Eldin, Chairman of Saad Eldin Group, said that the partnership with Shoura Group to construct a distinguished project in New Cairo comes as a continuation of a series of strong projects that were previously implemented.

Saad Eldin added that the partnership includes full cooperation to develop this distinct project, “Muse The Strip” in New Cairo.

He underscored the importance of cooperation between real estate developers, as it helps achieve integration between each developer’s unique element and provide a pioneering product in the real estate market.

The plan is to deliver the project within three years, with Al Jazeera Al Arabia Company undertaking the construction works, Saad Eldin disclosed.

Lina Iskandar, Head of Sales Operations at Developer X, said that “Muse The Strip” is situated on an area of ​​15,000 sqm, and is divided into three commercial floors taking up 10,000 sqm and two administrative floors taking up 5,000 sqm. The project consists of six buildings located in the heart of Street 90, in the Fifth Settlement area of New Cairo.

Iskandar added that the company has started offering administrative units, and is planning to develop a project with a distinctive character in New Cairo. The project will include innovative new design ideas from SA Architects & Partners. She added that Nineteen Ninety X company is responsible for marketing and social media for the project.

She pointed out that the project includes a boutique hotel, a health club, restaurants, a 1,200 sqm supermarket, a recreational area for young people, banks, a car showroom, service shops for residents, a conference and meeting centre, as well as co-working spaces.

Iskander added that the company began offering administrative units of the first phase at competitive selling prices in New Cairo. Moreover, the company offers different payment systems that suit the needs of all customers, starting with a 10% down payment and equal installments of up to eight years, which leads to an increase in return on investment in the project.

She explained that Muse The Strip includes areas ranging from 70 to 180 sqm for small companies, in addition to a full floor over an area of ​​500 sqm, and an administrative building on an area of ​​1,000 sqm for large companies.

Additionally, the project includes two garage floors with parking spaces for about 420 cars. The company offers the possibility of renting a unit for the benefit of the client, in order to achieve a high rental return on the unit, preserving the client's investment.

It is planned to implement a ceiling with a height of 5 sqm for each floor and offices with a front or side terrace, and units' facades start from 7 sqm, with a distinctive view of all administrative units, and tracks for practicing sports,” she explained.

There is a large demand for the first phase of the project by investors based in Egypt and abroad, Iskander noted.