Cali Coast comprises 2500 varied housing units and 13% built-up area, ranging villas and chalets

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Monday, 14 June 2021
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

Spanning an area of 230 acres in North Coast

Maven Developments launches Cali Coast at EGP15bn investments

Maven Developments, sister company to the U.S RiverWards Group, launched Cali Coast in North Coast on an area of 230 acres and at investments of EGP15bn.

Rushdi: Cali Coast North  Coast is  a sun-soaked haven inspired by that laidback Californian lifestyle

The launch of Cali Coast was announced  at a press conference attended by founder and head of RiverWards Group & deputy director and chairperson of Maven Developments Eng. Mohamed Rushdi, founder and chief of Architecture Department at AE7  Consultant Erik Hokanson, head of Sales at Axa Insurance Dr. Omar Shalbaya, Dean of Architectural Engineering at the American University in Cairo Dr. Basel Kamel, assistant professor of Sustainable Designing and deputy director of Architecture Department at the American University in Cairo Dr. Khalid Tarabia and head of Corporate Sector at Vodafone Mr. Amged Nafei.

Cali Coast, situated in Ras El Hekma which is a main tourist and entertainment destination in North Coast, lies at Kilo 198 near Dabaa Axes which is a 3-hour drive from Cairo.

Cali Coast comprises 2500 varied housing units and 13% built-up area, ranging from villas and chalets, together with hotel apartments that cater to needs of clients and are well furnished with necessities required by the Egyptian family.

Yousef: We are happy to expand in Ras El Hekma, a main tourist destination in Egypt

Eng. Mohamed Yousef expressed his pleasure at the company’s latest expansion in Ras El Hekma area which occupies a key position within Egypt’s strategic national plan for urban development.

“We, in Maven Developments, are proud to work with a group of expert houses, architectural consultants and world-renowned designers to provide latest advanced products that cater to clients’ needs,” said Yousef.

Cali Coast, coming next after Ain Sokhna’s Baymount spanning 76 acres and costing EGP4bn in investments, is Maven Developments’ second project in Egypt.

According to founder and head of RiverWards Group, deputy director and chairperson of Maven Developments Eng. Mohamed Rushdi, Cali Coast is inspired by California beaches.

Calif Coast features a turquoise sea and a 600m beachfront stretching over 30 acres. Additionally, facades of housing units supplied with integrated services and boardwalk are made to mimic the American designs, he added.

In CC, Maven Developments uses fascinating digital solutions reliant on artificial intelligence in order to check infrastructure and early warning devices so as to conduct maintenance duties in an innovative fashion, in cooperation with the U.S-based Roadbotics.   

“ We work in the framework of a special philosophy with a focuse on studying the Egyptian market continuously in order to specify the customers’ needs in a practical and meticulous way so as to provide value-added cutting-edge products. That is traceable in the splendid housing units with varied designs that are made in collaboration with the US.based AE7 Engineering, together with the project’s amenities and services executed by Spain-based SOG,” said he.

 Consultant, founder and head of Designs at AE7 Erik Hokansonsaid partnership with Maven Developments yielded in a groundbreaking architectural product.

“ CC’s vision, from the start, revolved around creating summer ambiance mimicking that of California. That is exactly what we are trying to do with Ras El Hekma’s CC. We also are designing a beach community with fascinating landscape stirring up fun and excitement for the family members. The housing units and a 500 m boardwalk are with designs imitating the American equivalent. There is also Lazy River, a flowing artificial river passing through landscapes and going under bridges,  giving unforgettable  experience  for families and their kids.”

CC comprises 15,000sqm spaces with open water surfaces and lakes that are suitable for swimming, spanning all corners of the project, he added.

These water surfaces include rivers, lakes and ponds among other water amenities, together with special beaches designed to provide utmost privacy for women, along with kids areas and finally, spaces for enjoying skiing, all of which are made in cooperation with the U.S-based Flow Rider.


  In the same vein, dean of Engineering Architecture Faculty at AUC Dr. Basel Kamel extended his sincerest thanks to Eng. Rushdi, saying :“ The concept of sustainability and integration, two pillars of our academic vision, is what drove us to enter this partnership. Also, the academic pillar, we in AUC rely on, is the academic field courses that we get from this partnership, upon which two research centers, both affiliated to AUC, will be established at Maven Developments’ projects, be they Ain Sokhna’s Baymount or Ras El Hekma’s Cali Coast.  

Sustainable Designing Assistant professor and head of AUC’s Architecture Department Dr. Khalid Tarabya added:” Our partnership with Maven Developments rests on our belief that the property market appears badly in need for sustainable communities to serve the upcoming generations amidst challenges facing Egypt right now and in the future. Additionally, the property market needs training and educational courses to be prepared for students and graduates by means of turning Maven Developments’ working sites into centers and laboratories.  We will be keen to reinforce this partnership because it brings in all what is new and unique for the society.”

On the other hand, head of sales department at AXA Insurance Omar Shalbaya lauded the partnership the insurer entered into with Maven Developments saying:” AXA Misr is  part of international AXA Group which has branches in 60 countries in order to provide support, protection and insurance with special vision.”

“This partnership matches vision of Maven Developments with which we are proud to work and which gives special interest in supplying its customers with value-added property products.”

AXA is set to provide several protection and insurance services to its customers, namely road assistance service, installment protection service, along with protection and insurance services for all the projects’ units as well as remote medical assistance, he elaborated.

Moreover, head of Corporate Sector Department at Vodafone Amged Nafie said:”  A solid partnership has been forged combining Maven Developments with Vodafone, as it relies squarely on the supplying Maven Developments’ clients with the best integrated technological services, not  communication and internet services only, so as to ensure they keep pace with the futuristic technological advances at the time of delivering units to customers in the future.”