More than 30 artists Egypt and the Arab countries showed off their works of art

North Coast,Address Marassi Golf Resort,Emaar Misr,Wonder Art Exhibition,Cleg Art Gallery

Thursday, 06 October 2022
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

Up to 30 artists Egypt and the Arab World attended the event

Emaar Misr opens Wonder Art Exhibition in North Coast

Emaar Misr opened Wonder Art Exhibition showcasing modern paintings with participation of 30 modern artists from Egypt and the Arab World and in cooperation with Cleg Art Gallery for 4 days from 15 to 18 July at Address Marassi Golf Resort in North Coast.



Drawing on its staunch belief in the importance of art as a means for dialogue and expression among various societies and cultures, Emaar Misr is deeply interested in various kinds of arts. Art is a language that can cross all barriers imposed on humans by different languages.

The trailblazing designs featuring all Emaar Misr projects testify to how passionate the company is about art and, in particular, designs which have tremendous effects on human lives. Therefore, Emaar Misr is keen to pick the designs that best match the environs surrounding its projects. Fascinating designs are instrumental in increasing the positive energy and enticing people to enjoy the minutest details in life.

Emaar Misr is interested in hosting art exhibitions, activities and events across projects implemented by the company, namely Art and Deco Exhibition that was held in Up Town Cairo project late March.

Driven by its firm belief in the importance of designs, Emaar Misr cooperated with Nile University in April 2021 in the area of studies focusing on designing cozy residencies and introducing a new generation of architects capable of meeting needs of modern society.

Wonder Art Exhibition features oil and coal paintings with widely diverse styles, topics and techniques handled by artists to express the summer with its fascinating colors, together with modern contemporary art works.



More than 30 artists from Egypt and the Arab countries showed off their works of art, including  Aymen Hamdy Abd El Gawad, Ahmed El Dafrawy, Islam Rehan, Alaa Hussein, Al Taher Salah El Deen, Omnia Tantawy, Aymen Salah Taher, Bret Ghali, Wedi Mohamed, Gihan Saudi, Hassan El Sharq, Hasnaa Hanafi, Dina Fahmy El Roby, Rash Ghalib, Reda Abd El Salam, Shahira Shoukry, Amer Aly, Azza El Labudy, Ghada Salim, Dina Fahmy El Ruby, Rasha Ghalab, Reda Abd El Salam, Shahira Shoukry, Amer Aly, Azza Lubudy, Fatma Ramadan, Farida El Kuny, Farida Darwish, Laila Husseiny, Mohamed Meslemany, Miriam Hatohut, Nabil Aly, Nirmen Nadeem, Hala El Sharuny, Hisham Makhuf, Weam Aly, Wageh Yassa, Yasmeen Rady.

Emaar Misr  opened Address Marassi Gold Resort hotel back in summer of 2020 at Marassi North Coast, debuting Emaar Hospitality Group’s  world-class hotel in Egypt and the Middle East outside the United Arab Emirates.