Throughout the past year, Nestlé Waters distributed over 20,000 personal care kits including gloves, alcohol a

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Monday, 25 October 2021
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

In Partnership with the Ministry of Health

Nestlé Waters Egypt Provides COVID Vaccination to two villages in Qalyubiya

Continuing on its efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic, Nestlé Waters Egypt, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, offers COVID vaccinations to all residents above 18 in Kafr El Arabeen and Gamgara in Qalyubia. This comes in line with Nestlé’s global commitments to support communities in which they operate in and is also among the initiatives launched by the government in the current period, such as “Haya Kareema” initiative.

Since the outburst of the pandemic, Nestlé Waters Egypt has made the villagers’ health its priority. In March 2020, the company collaborated with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Governor of Qalyubia to support the local community by raising awareness on the virus, its precautionary measures and the importance of vaccination

Throughout the past year, Nestlé Waters distributed over 20,000 personal care kits including gloves, alcohol and soaps. In addition to distributing Ramadan boxes catering to more than 1,000 families whose jobs were affected during COVID-19, the company also donated over 400,000 water bottles to quarantine hospitals.



“The company is eager to collaborate with the Ministry of Health to vaccinate all residents in Kafr El Arabyeen and Gamgara with the goal to educate villagers on the importance and benefits of getting vaccinated,” Rassem Dabbas Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Water Egypt commented.

He continued, “This is not the first time Nestlé Waters prioritize the residents’ health, the company previously organized a series of medical convoys.The most prominent was the hepatitis C campaign that was launched to declare Kafr El Arbeen, Gamgara and the surrounding villages free of the disease. Villagers above 18 years received the medication, pre-treatment tests and medical consultations needed. In addition to the children’s medical convoy that provided free examination and medication for children aging 2-12 with a total beneficiary of 3160 children.”



Dabbas recognized and praised the role of the Egyptian Ministry of Health and its efforts to control the spread of the Coronavirus, and to provide the vaccine in several outlets free of charge to citizens to protect them from the setbacks of the pandemic.

General Abdel Hamid Al-Hajan, Governor of Qalyubia governorate, praised Nestlé Water Egypt’s efforts in offering COVID vaccinations to all residents in Kafr El Arabeen and Gamgara. Stressing on the prominent role of the economic institutions in supporting the government efforts to provide free vaccines to the residents in villages and hamlets with the intention of preventing the virus, in addition to their efforts in reducing unemployment rates in the governorate.



Al-Hagan affirmed that Qalyubia governorate is all set to provide all forms of support to the CSR activities of companies, whether by providing a database for the less privileged villages or facilitating the implementation of any charitable projects and this comes in line with its continuous efforts in supporting the surrounding communities in which it operates.