The company is collaborating with the German Chamber for the preparation of training programs for its workers,

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Sunday, 24 October 2021
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

To keep pace with any changes

We are keen to sharpen the skills of workers, Redcon

Redcon Construction is keen to upgrade skills and expertise of its workers, to keep pace with the latest changes in construction, building and management industries, according to manager of Human Resources Department Amru El Sherif.

The company made use of latest software and advanced programs in the past five years and provided advanced training programs to workers.

Amru highlighted cooperation binding the company  with the German Chamber in the realm of providing training programs to workers, expecting entering into cooperation agreements with Ministry of Education to create mechanisms for developing Egypt’s vocational education and taking part in graduating skillful workforce bolstering the growth  of the Egyptian economy.

He said that the company is collaborating with the German Chamber for the preparation of training programs for its workers, particularly supervisors in contracting works.

Hiring more workers and employees

“ The company is keen to attract skillful workers, as it hired more workers and employees in the past five years,” said he, stressing the company’s interest in securing effective health and life insurance systems for its workers. “ The company never laid off any of its workers, nor cut their wages while facing up to Coronavirus-induced headwinds last year.”

Doubling down on support

It’s noteworthy that chairperson of Redcon Construction Eng. Tarek Al-Gamal had stressed during first edition of the Leaders in Egypt Construction Conference that Egypt’s contractors need more support so as to be able to embolden their presence abroad.

“This can help them bolster their competition edge in world markets, particularly in Africa, as several governments extend a helping hand to their own companies working abroad.”

With them gaining pioneering experience from  development and construction drive, the Egyptian contractors are well positioned to continue work vigorously and compete outside Egypt, particularly in the presence of appropriate governmental support, he explained.

There is a significant spike in number of Egyptian contractors and workforce in light of epic urban developments taking place recently, helping hone their own skills, expertise and competitive edge in world market, together with those of the Egyptian workers, he maintained.