Royal One Developments Company announced that it has completed 60% of the constructions of Capital Prime Busin

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Wednesday, 26 January 2022
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

It had also achieved 100% of its sales plan

"Royal One Developments" completes 60% of "Capital Prime Business Park"

Saher Magdy: The company established the first sales office in the MU23 at ​​the capital


Royal One Developments Company announced that it has completed 60% of the constructions of "Capital Prime Business Park" project in the New Administrative Capital by the end of 2021, and the company had also achieved 100% of its sales plan for the project by the end of December.


Royal One Developments Head of Commercial sector, Saher Magdy, said that the company achieved both its  construction and sales goals for the project during the past year, in the light of developing a SMART execution plan, relying on professional teamwork, in addition to the financial capabilities that accelerates the implementation of the project, considering that the company is always seeking to fulfill its contractual obligations in implementation and delivery by the deadline.




Emphasized on "accelerating the implementation rates" as the only available option for all real estate companies in order to reduce the effects of the high cost of constructions resulting from the global inflationary wave.


He added that the company had inaugurated the first sales headquarters in the MU23 area in the Administrative Capital to market the project, so that customers could review the project and get acquainted with its executive situation, and know the location of the project on the ground, pointing out that the project is located between two residential densities R2 & R3, which lets the customer enjoys the unit as a lifetime investment guarantee.


He explained that Capital Prime Business Park project is a commercial, administrative, residential hotel, and medical project, and it includes an administrative part consists of 61 units with areas starting from 43 meters per unit, adding that the project includes 45 units in the commercial part with areas starting from 38 square meters per unit, and the project also includes a medical part with a total of 21 units with areas starting from 22 square meters per unit.


 He added that the company has a strong strategic plan during 2022 to complete the implementation of the project on the specified dates, in addition to market the remaining percentage of the project according to a specific marketing plan that takes in consideration market changes.