Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

Capriole finalized 65% of constructions at LINX in NAC

Wednesday 13/April/2022 - 08:31 AM
أصول مصر

New high-end administration units to be put up for sale during Ramadan month, as entering into agreement over its headquarters with a global company is underway.

After its record-breaking accomplishments at the New Administrative Capital that took place in less than a year, Capriole Group is gearing up to kick-off the 2nd phase of NAC’s LINX project following Eid El Fitr Feast holiday.

Capriole Group achieved a whopping 65% out of total constructions in less than a year, as the company has started the finishing and final phases of constructions inclusive of electromechanics and facade works.

According to Chairman of Capriole Group Eng. Mohamed Mufeed, the group was eager to speed up constructions at the project, even before releasing news about introducing and selling units there. Further still, it took the lead carrying out the presidential directives even before the latter’s issuance, as it executed a considerable amount of  the constructions before the selling started. It actually started to publicize the project’s roll-out upon accomplishing more than 30% of constructions.

Capriole was keen on expediting construction in the face of the latest headwinds, notably  daily-based price hikes and fluctuations of raw materials, he said, underscoring the company’s keenness on finalizing and delivering the project ahead of schedule, before late 2023.

The company, he added, has sold up to 10% of the project, reflecting Capriole’s interest in finishing a quite large chunk of constructions before putting any units on sale and thus giving clients the privilege of seeing already built units on display to signal the company’s credibility and seriousness.

Out of its concern for realizing  sales targets and ensuring no harm being done  to clients, the company has announced very simple and well-studied price hikes that are falling behind raw materials costs, he elaborated.

Capriole is set to launch a phase with high-end administrative units during Ramadan month.

Capriole will enter into agreement with a global oil company which showed interest in securing itself a headquarter inside LINKX compound, he added.

LINX, spreading  over an area of 7635 m, occupies a remarkable location inside NAC’s MU23 commercial district, halfway between R2 and R3 neighborhoods,  and nearby  Embassies Neighborhood and  Central Business District.

LINX, made up of 12 floors inclusive of a two-level  basement, consists of a commercial administrative medical complex. The basement and the 1st floor comprise 51 commercial units. Up to 280 Administrative and medical units occupy the 2nd to 9th storeys.

The above-ground premises spread over 22,500m area, and garages over 15,200m area. The administrative spaces range from 48 to 2300m, occupying a whole storey. The commercial units start  at 27m and out-patient clinics at 54m, as administrative and medical units are delivered fully finished and with air-conditioners