REDCON for Offices and Commercial Centers ROCC has launched serviced offices starting 70 square meters in Gold

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باقي علي مؤتمر المناخ في مصر
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Sunday, 04 December 2022
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

ROCC has implemented sustainable designs, which reduce carbon emissions

ROCC Launches Serviced Offices in Golden Gate New Cairo

•      Spaces start from 70 sqm and delivery is within 3 years with all-encompassing services that provide the perfect work environment for serviced offices users.

•      Moussa: We apply the latest engineering and sustainable architecture technologies to reduce energy and natural resources consumption.

REDCON for Offices and Commercial Centers (ROCC) has launched serviced offices starting 70 square meters in Golden Gate, ROCC's first mixed-use project in New Cairo offering commercial, administrative, and entertainment services, that is to be delivered in a span of 3 years. Through the new units, ROCC provides a unique offering that any startup or small company will need and to achieve sustainability corresponding to the government’s vision for the private sector. ROCC caters for projects that combine both sustainability with modernity with all-encompassing services being provided for these units, from meeting rooms in various sizes with a business center, to a multi-purpose roof-top and other integrated services.

State-of-the-art engineering


Hisham Moussa, Chief Executive Officer of ROCC, said that the new serviced offices are in line with the ROCC’s concepts of sustainability. Golden Gate is implemented in accordance with state-of-the-art engineering and architecture technologies. ROCC has implemented sustainable designs, which reduce carbon emissions, conserve water, and reduce energy consumption and waste management. He also added that the project provides a high-quality work environment, where Green Architecture is also a fundamental principle of sustainable development in Golden Gate with the aim of reducing energy and resource consumption while reducing the negative impacts of construction on the environment. We partnered with leaders in sustainability consultancy ‘Dcarbon’, and ‘Eco Strategies’ to support us in our sustainability mission.

Moussa stressed that ROCC’s vision is to provide an added value to the commercial real estate development sector by creating a distinctive experience for the project's clients based on a unique accessible location. In addition, ROCC is seeking to transform the administrative and commercial real estate in Egypt, especially since Golden Gate is centrally located between the new and the old capital. This comes particularly after the Egyptian economy witnessed a remarkable leap during the past few years and the government's investment in infrastructure across Egypt. ROCC’s vision is to achieve sustainability in accordance with international standards, which has lately become the criteria for choosing the best asset to invest in.

The ideal investment vehicle

Moussa added that real estate is still the ideal investment vehicle, and that the demand is increasing, especially for administrative units. Returns on investment could reach 12-14%, compared to residential units, which usually reaches 3-4%. These indicators emphasize the importance of the administrative units, whether for the purpose of operating or investment.

ROCC initiated the development of Golden Gate, to create a distinct lifestyle destination that re-imagines the way people work, shop, dine, and play. Golden Gate is a mixed-use development on a total of 160,000 square meters plot, comprising of about 100,000 square meters of commercial space and another 100,000 square meters of serviced office space. Golden Gate is located in a premium location in the heart of New Cairo with the largest facade of the project of 1.2 km, overlooking South 90th Street and directly in front of the American University in Cairo, located between two monorail stations making it easily accessible from any area in Cairo. The project also includes a basement of 250,000 square meters on two floors that includes the most efficient underground parking to accommodate up to 8,000 vehicles and is accessed by 20 entrances and exits to facilitate movement, which is the largest of its kind compared to all similar projects. ROCC aims to fully develop Golden Gate in two phases; first phase deliveries are expected during the first half of 2024 and the second phase in 2025.

ROCC has signed a leasing agreement with Fashion International Group (FIG) to include 18 high-end fashion and retail stores in Golden Gate, ROCC’s first project in New Cairo. This step adds to ROCC’s credibility and portrays its commitment to implementing its aim to create a distinctive lifestyle destination and set a new benchmark in integrated and mixed-use development.

Due to ROCC’s interest in providing the most advanced engineering designs, ROCC has partnered with specialized consulting entities, most notably ‘WATG’ office in London for the concept design, ‘SWA’ for the landscape design, ‘Walker’ as an international parking consultant, and Dr. Usama Okeil as a traffic consultant. In addition to Savills, a global real estate consultancy, JLL, for real estate services and investments management, REDCON Project Management, and Hill International for facility management. As well as, ‘Archvision Consultancy Co.’ for engineering consultancy, Amr Abdel Rahman Design and Engineering Consulting Office ‘AACE’ and Engineer Hani Ali’s “EMG” office.                 


The development of mixed-use projects

REDCON Offices and Commercial Centers (ROCC) is a REDCON Construction subsidiary that specializes in the development of mixed-use real estate projects.