Contracting with Schneider Electric to provide some technical solutions such as EcoStruxure & AVEVA System Pla

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Sunday, 04 December 2022
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

, Chairman of GV Developments

Sherif Hamouda:  "TARBOUL" Will Become an Industrial Center for Investors from all over the World

The Company will provide full support for bringing about the success of the sustainability profile and introducing green building techniques.

We attended the Green Zone in COP27 to present the experience of Tarboul

The industrial component is the main, but not the only, one in the city

Contracting with Schneider Electric to provide some technical solutions such as EcoStruxure™ & AVEVA System Platform aiming at supporting digital transformation Concluding an agreement with TAQA Arabia to offer solutions to facilities and provide clean energy


Providing smart solutions and renewable energy for the projects of Katameya Residence and White Sand Compound in the North Coast

Launching a club in the Fifth Settlement, and another one in the North Coast, as well as a hotel and residential project in Kattameya next year

GV Developments has launched expansion plans in the Egyptian market in line with the state orientations in supporting industry and real estate development and attracting foreign investments by implementing specific projects that meet capital requirements from all over the world, as well as following the standards of sustainability and green building.

GV Developments’ projects varied between industrial, residential, service, tourism, and other sectors. It presented the first integrated and sustainable industrial city model through the “Tarboul” project.

In record time, it attracted the interests of international companies and local and foreign capital, so it received wide acclaim in all international forums in which the Company has participated, including the MIPM exhibition, the largest real estate exhibition in the world held in Cannes, France, alongside COP27 hosted by Egypt and attended by world leaders, investors, and media.

During COP27, GV Developments signed many strategic agreements to provide technical, sustainable, and smart solutions for its projects, shedding light on the strength of the Egyptian economy and the availability of giant projects the government and the private sector are implementing.

Engineer Sherif Hamouda, Chairman of GV Developments, said that the Company was present in a pavilion of the Green Zone in COP27 to present the Tarbul project. "It is the largest sustainable industrial city in Egypt, implemented according to the latest sustainability standards, green building, and environmental preservation.

" He added that the Company "was keen to learn about the experiences of different countries of the world in applying sustainability to develop its expertise and introduce new techniques."

He also explained that holding such an international event, COP27, with a global presence in Sharm El-Sheik, contributes to the return of international tourism to the city, the Egyptian tourism icon.

The city has passed through several crises due to political changes and challenges in 2011 and 2013, along with the coronavirus pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian war. This significant event will play a vital role in reviving tourism.


Engineer Sherif Hamouda said that Tarboul is an economic city in which the industrial component is the main, but not the only one. "Its distinguished location facilitates logistics, making it a distinct choice.”

He added that "the city of Tarbul is planned to be a major industrial center for international manufacturers and investors and an attractive destination for global investment and industry around the world."

The Company managed to sign agreements with significant entities during COP27 for the interest of Tarbul, including a deal with Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric is specialized in energy management and digital transformation to provide some technical solutions, such as Ecostruxure & Aveva, as well as an agreement with TAQA Arabia (a subsidiary of Qalaa Holdings).

He explained that these agreements also include the provision of smart solutions and clean and renewable energy solutions for the Katameya Residence and White Sand Compound projects in the North Coast.

Schneider Electric will be the partner of GV Developments in providing smart solutions for energy management through its projects aiming at supporting the strategy of GV Developments to offer electrical solutions for energy management, including smart panels, energy monitoring, and control, smart circuits, consumption screens, control applications, and electrical networks.

"TAQA Arabia will provide integrated solutions for facilities, including gas, electricity, and water desalination, to achieve sustainability, transition to a green economy, and enable economic growth and investment." He added.

Tarbul has sustainable and eco-friendly specifications using clean energy and green hydrogen.

Tarbul is located on an area of 109 million square meters, in a strategic location in Giza Governorate, 5 km away from the Nile River, 44 km from Helwan neighborhood, about 77 km from 6th of October City, 83 km from the New Administrative Capital, 109 km from the Sokhna Port, and 160 km from the Red Sea.

It is also distinguished by its proximity to the leading road network that facilitates transportation to and from the governorates of the Republic, including the Cairo-Assiut Road, the Regional Ring Road, Cairo-Sokhna Road, Fayoum-October Road, and Al Kurimat-Zaafarana Road. It also includes several investment areas based on its industrial activities, such as Food Tech Valley, Automotive Hub, Engineering Hub, Medical Center, Textile and Clothing Center, Building Materials City, and Chemicals and Plastics City.

Spreading green building

Engineer Sherif Hamouda stressed that the Company would provide full support for bringing about the success of the sustainability profile and introducing green building techniques extensively.

"GV Developments will introduce green architecture techniques into its other projects, not just Tarbul. A strategic partnership has been concluded with two major Egyptian contracting companies to implement that strategy, which will be applied in “White Sand Compound” in North Coast and Kerir City at kilo 38 in Sidi Kerir." He explained.



He explained that concerning Tarbul, the number of agreed-upon factories has increased, and the manufacturers have taken over the lands and started building 400 factories. The Company also provides City management services and technical support for manufacturers.

He added that Tarbul includes a wholesale market for trading vegetables and fruits and a market for selling fish. Booking in these two markets to obtain shops is increasing at high rates.

Expansion plans

He pointed out that GV Developments is seeking to implement an integrated expansion plan next year by launching various residential, sports, and entertainment projects and completing implementation works in Tarbul, Times Square in Port Said, and White Sand Compound in North Coast.

GV Developments will launch a club in the Fifth Settlement and another on the North Coast.

He added that a subsidiary of GV Developments would launch a unique hotel and residential project in Kattameya.