After COP27... Exporting Labor By Editor-in-ChiefAfter COP27... Exporting LaborBy Editor-in-ChiefAfter CO

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Sunday, 04 December 2022
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

By Editor-in-Chief

After COP27... Exporting Labor

Egypt has amazed the whole world with the good organization of the COP27 climate conference, and received wide praise from the high-level attendees and international news agencies, thanks to the  excellent preparation, starting with projects of facilities, strong infrastructure, and the great development of the city of Sharm El-Sheikh.

Sharm El-Sheikh hosted the activities of the conference, as it turned into a 100% sustainable green city in a period not exceeding 3 to 4 months, with the important files and issues that were discussed during the conference and the recommendations which confirmed the summit's goal, which is to become an implementation summit.

Regarding projects and the great transformation of the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, we find that it is not much different from the transformation that Egypt has witnessed in recent years concerning  implementing giant projects in the field of roads, transportation, urban communities, and technological, technical and sustainable development, so that Egypt becomes one of the most prominent countries that have achieved growth in a record time.

With world leaders praising the great results achieved by Egypt in the field of development, it is necessary to think of how to take advantage of the gains achieved from the conference, as well as ways of cooperation with brotherly countries in many arenas.

There is no doubt that the boom achieved by Egypt made the brotherly countries discuss how to benefit from the Egyptian experience as well as discuss ways of cooperation and if we look at the neighboring countries, we find that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adopts a strategic development plan similar to the one adopted and applied by Egypt, therefore, there are opportunities for cooperation between the two brotherly parties to achieve development faster.

In light of the current economic conditions and challenges, we desperately need to diversify the sources of bringing foreign currency into the country, as the state is already adopting a plan to achieve this by encouraging the Egyptian industry and also working to export real estate, but these files need time to achieve the targeted results, and therefore we have to search for quick sources to bring hard currency into the country.

we have an appropriate and immediate alternative to achieve that purpose, which is the Egyptian labor, as we have the largest human capacity among  the Arab countries, and we must take advantage of it. 

There is no doubt that Egyptian labor has gained many experiences over the past years in light of the great projects that Egypt has implemented, therefore, the task of exporting will be better than that in previous times.

It is also possible to work on the contracting export file with a large base of expert distinguished companies.

To fulfill this, there is a joint responsibility between the state, contracting companies, and real estate developers, as well as workers to qualify for  working abroad and bringing hard currency into the country.

The state must remove the obstacles facing companies in achieving that purpose, solve any problems related to labor training, and put an end to the routne procedures. 

Companies must also work to improve and raise expertise periodically, learn about the latest technologies and know the requirements of the markets to where they will go and respect their laws.

We should invest the gains achieved from the COP27 conference, which drew the world's attention to Egypt.