IL Cazar Developments announced the launch of CREEK District project, a 1-kilometer-long, along the main Suez

CREEK TOWN,New Cairo,Prime Clinic,CREEK DISTRICT,New Cairo Road

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Sunday, 04 December 2022
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

IL Cazar launches Creek District project with various and competitive payment methods 1 km long on Suez Road

IL Cazar developments launches Creek District, an administrative, commercial and medical project in New Cairo extends 1 km on New Suez Road

IL Cazar Developments announced the launch of  "CREEK District" project, a 1-kilometer-long, along the main Suez Road in the heart of New Cairo. This is a complex project that includes units of various activities in multiple areas that meet the requirements of target clients.

Nader Khozam, Chairman of IL Cazar Developments, said that the project is a complex strip project that includes commercial, administrative, and medical units, is located on Suez Road, and includes all the facilities that make it an integrated project for unit owners and clients visiting the project.

He stated that the areas of administrative and medical units starts with 50 square meters, and the commercial sector was designed to be minimal, contemporary, young and suit the tastes of the target clients, in addition to separate buildings with areas starting with 1000 meters.

He went on to say that the project is a medical building with Prime Clinic spaces, as well as 50,000 serviced parking areas, elevators, CCTV, firefighting systems, security services and alarms, roof top areas, loading areas, and semi-finished units (Core & Shell).

He assured that the company aims to implement a project that will be an in-vogue place, as it is distinguished by a unique location, 1 km long along new Suez Road, with a contemporary and distinctive design, and the availability of various services. It was designed by YBA Office, the world-class architect Yasser Beltagy, and it also includes retail shops with various areas, in addition to cuisines and banks.

CERRK project

He explained that CERRK project is located 1 km along the Suez Road in the heart of New Cairo, 15 minutes away from the New Administrative Capital, and 6 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.

He stated that the company provides distinct and varied payment methods that suit the target clients and take into account market changes, which are characterised by flexibility and high competitiveness, including a 5% discount and an instalment plan of up to 6 years, which was carefully studied to achieve balance between the client's and the company's interests

He indicated that CREEK DISTRICT project is part of CREEK TOWN project, which is 1 km long on New Suez Road, showing that CREEK Town is an integrated residential project located on New Cairo Road with investments amounting to 8 billion pounds. It is located on an area of 100 acres, and it is planned to start delivering it in 2024.