Despite the tight competition among the developers of the North Coast during the last summer season of 2022 an

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Sunday, 04 December 2022
Chairman and Chief Editor
Bedour Ibrahim

ALQAMZI Developments’ Sales from Seazen Exceeded 150% Higher than the Target

Despite the tight competition among the developers of the North Coast during the last summer season of 2022 and the increase in the number of offered projects, ALQAMZI Developments company managed to achieve record sales which exceeds  its target by 150% from SeaZen, its first project in the North Coast, thanks to the customers’ confidence in the company with its distinguished and famous projects in the contracting sector.

ALQAMZI Developments Responds to Requests from Customers outside Egypt by Participating in the “Nile Property Expo” Real Estate Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Record Sales

The record sales stemmed from the customers’ confidence in “ALQAMZI Developments” as one of the subsidiaries of the Emirati “Al Qamzi” Group, established in 1997 which  carried out several major, distinguished and famous projects in the contracting sector in the UAE.

“ALQAMZI Developments” expanded outside the UAE in 2010 and chose the Egyptian market as its first expansion step.

“ALQAMZI Developments” gains clients trust

Thanks to its strong business precedent and excellent projects, “ALQAMZI Developments” managed to gain the trust of customers from Egypt and outside Egypt. 

In response to the increasing demands from the Company’s customer base outside Egypt, “ALQAMZI Developments” intends to participate in the eighth edition of the “Nile Property Expo” Real Estate Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

AL QAMZI Developments Achieved the Highest Sales Rates in the North Coast

During the “Nile Property Expo,” the Company will present the “Eastshire” project in New Cairo and the “Seazen” project in the North Coast.

Sales Boom

Yasser Zidan, Executive Chairman of Al Qamzi Developments, said that the company achieved sales exceeding the target by 150% from its “Seazen" project in the North Coast as it targeted EGP 800 million in sales; however, it achieved EGP2 billion, which reflects the project’s excellence.

Al Qamzi Developments total sales of EGP 2.5 billion

Zidan explained that the Company achieved total sales exceeding EGP 2.5 billion and it plans to pump EGP 22 billion into the Egyptian market within four years and cooperates with DMA, one of the largest consulting firms in Egypt and the Middle East.

The "SeaZen" project is located on an area of 204 acres at kilo 170 in the most prominent locations of the North Coast, with investments amounting to EGP14 billion. 

This project on which Al Qamzi Developments received the Ministerial Resolution No. 607 of 2022, has a façade that extends over more than 690 meters on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea; on the project.

"SeaZen" has 2,000 units of chalets and villas

The "SeaZen" project includes 2,000 units divided among chalets and villas with varying spaces to fulfill the needs of various segments of customers as the company is interested in delivering units fully finished with kitchens and air conditioners at the highest level of quality.

The Company designed the units with gradual sea level heights of more than 47 meters, allowing the residents in the units to see the beach with the green spaces that represent more than 85% of the project. 

It includes three health resorts suitable for different ages and needs, three warm water swimming pools, a gymnasium (gym), and a swimming pool with artificial waves, the first of its kind in the North Coast, with a wave height of 3 meters.