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Bedour Ibrahim

Nakheel Developments starts implementing concrete works in Trio V Tower project in the Administrative Capital

Tuesday 06/December/2022 - 03:04 PM
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Nakheel Developments announced starting implementation of concrete works in "TRIO V TOWER" project in the New Administrative Capital, among the company's plan to rapid implementing the project to align with high rates of development and occupancy witnessed in the New Administrative Capital.

Wassim Ouda, Head of the Commercial Sector at Nakheel Developments, said that the company's plan is to increase the implementation rates of its project, regardless the economic challenges, as commitment with clients and with the Administrative Capital for Urban Development Company is an essential part of the company's business strategy, which enhances the confidence of its clients in it and maintains its credibility, pointing that the closer the company is to handing over and operating its project, the higher the investment return on it. 

Multiple-use projects

He explained that with the gradual move of the government to the Administrative Capital and the transfer of employees to government headquarters, there will be a need for services serving these individuals, which are provided by multiple-use projects, in which the company and the client also invest, which means operating projects and achieving a return on investment in them.

He added that the company is seeking to implement a project that its final form matches its architectural design that was done from the beginning and presented to clients, as the company developed a design that can be implemented as it is without any modification, which is among the company's commitments towards its clients, confirming adherence to quality standards in all the project's details.  

Trio V Tower

 He pointed that "Trio V Tower" is a commercial, administrative and medical project, located on an area of ​​about 7,000 square meters, and construction is taking part on 2,100 square meters only, as it is distinguished with a distinctive design and details that take into account providing a unique experience for the project's visitors and investors, indicating that the company aims to implement an unconventional project capable of competition among the rest of the projects in the Downtown area.

Highest quality standards

 He showed that the company is contracting with strong entities to implement its project with the highest quality standards, as the office of Muharram-Bakhoum handles the work of the engineering consultant for the project, and "Arcrete" office is the project's engineering designer, as well as contracting with "MRB" to manage and operate the project in order to maintain the quality of the project and its investment value for both the company and clients.