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Bedour Ibrahim

Samih Sawiris has pledged to match the proceeds from the concert

Samih Sawiris Performs At El Gouna Along With “Cairo Symphony Orchestra”

Sunday 22/January/2023 - 04:33 PM
أصول مصر

Engineer Samih Sawiris will perform alongside the esteemed Cairo Symphony Orchestra، led by Maestro Ahmed Al-Saedy، on Saturday، 4th of February at El Gouna Campus، Red Sea.

The performance was initially supposed to be together with the Swiss Orchestra at El Gouna and Cairo Opera House. However، it was canceled due to Engineer Samih’s injury! As a result of changing dates، the Swiss orchestra was unable to come to Egypt. It is worth noting that the concert program at El Gouna is the same as the one to be performed by the Swiss Orchestra in Andermatt، Switzerland.

Samih Sawiris has pledged to match the proceeds from the concert and donate them to the Sawiris Foundation's Schools for Egypt project and Tickets Marche website will be allocated to book tickets for the concert.

Engineer Samih Sawiris، the founder of El Gouna، expressed his delight at recovering from the injury and participating in this unique evening alongside the Cairo Symphony Orchestra، with its rich history of more than 60 years and under the leadership of the international maestro Ahmed Al-Saedy.