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Sherif Hamouda: GV to promote Tarboul and various investment opportunities during MIPIM after participating successfully last year

Thursday 16/March/2023 - 01:20 PM

The Egyptian state has been interested in industry as one of the important sectors for achieving economic growth، producing financial resources، employing millions of workers، and fulfilling the needs of citizens for various goods and services، particularly as Egypt، with a population of more than 100 million، is the largest market in the Middle East and the Arab region.

 Sherif Hamouda، GV’s Chairman

Tarboul spearheads the Egyptian industry

The city of Tarboul، implementing by GV Investment Co.، represents a model for the industrial revolution in Egypt، as it is the largest smart and environmentally friendly industrial city equipped to receive many industries and provide a model for an integrated life for the city’s workers and their families.

“GV” announced its participation in the “MIPIM” exhibition، the largest and most famous property exhibition in the world، to demonstrate its industrial project، “Tarboul Industrial City”، and to display the various investment opportunities available to foreign companies، as well as shed light on its various projects in the housing، hotel services، sports، entertainment and tourism sectors.

Second post in a row

Eng. Sherif Hamouda، “GV”’s Chairman، stated that the company is participating in the MIPIM exhibition for the second year in a row، and it participated during MIPIM 2022 and was able to attract the attention of many major international companies، consulting offices and investment funds، and many successful agreements were concluded after the exhibition.

There are currently more than 1،000 factories in the city

He indicated that the company is participating in its own pavilion in MIPIM 2023 and presenting the latest developments in the Tarboul city project، which is an ideal model for the new generation of industrial cities، and one of the most attractive investment destinations، because of its capabilities and potentials it provides to industrial investors in Europe and various countries of the world who wish to expand in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Tarboul Industrial City

Tarboul a model for green industrial city

“Tarboul” is a model for green industrial city that relies on the use of solar energy and wind energy to reduce reliance on traditional energy sources، in addition to recycling water according to the latest scientific methods and international technologies، which contributes to reducing harmful emissions to the environment and helps in the optimal investment of natural resources، as a large number of Egyptian and international factories have been contracted in various industrial fields، and it is expected that the project will be able to attract other investments during the exhibition.

Quick strides

Eng. Sherif Hamouda explained that the presence of “Tarboul” in “MIPIM 2023” comes after positive results were achieved compared to last year، as the number of factories currently located in Tarboul approached 1000، including various strategic industries and environmentally friendly ones.

He confirmed that “Tarboul” becomes the “spearhead” of the Egyptian industry at the present time as the industrial sector in Egypt differed from previous years and has become stronger thanks to the facilities provided by the state to support the industry and overcome obstacles facing the investors، as well as the Central Bank’s approval of an initiative to subsidy the industrial sector by granting low-interest credits.

The city’s total investments EGP 1 trillion

He pointed out that the process of providing facilities، utilities and equipment to the city is proceeding with rapid strides and is carried out without burdening the state budget، as EGP 500 million have been spent so far on carrying out utility works in “Tarboul”، and the city’s total investments amount to EGP 1 trillion.

Tarboul Industrial City

Spending EGP 500 million on implementing utility works، with the city›s total investments recording EGP 1 trillion

“Tarboul” is located in Giza Governorate on an area of 109 million square meters، equivalent to 26 thousand acres، in a strategic site with 5  km away from the Nile River، 44 km from Helwan، about ٧٧ km from the 6th of October City، and 83 km from the New Administrative Capital، in addition، it is separated from the port of “Al-Sokhna” by about 109 km، and 160  km from the Red Sea.

Strategic partnerships

He said that “GV” has entered into several strategic partnerships with a number of major entities to implement the utilities and smart technological infrastructure for the city of “Tarboul”، where an agreement was signed with “Orange” co.، to provide solutions related to technology، communications and smart infrastructure for the city.

Partnering with "Orange" to provide solutions for  technology، communications، and smart infrastructure

The company has also agreement with “Schneider Electric”، which specializes in energy management and digital transformation، to provide some technical solutions such as Ecostruxure & Aveva، and an Arab energy company (a Citadel company)، to provide integrated solutions for the utilities of the city of “Tarboul”، he added.

Implementing various projects، including a sports club with a hotel، and coastal residential and hotel projects، such as "White Sand" and Time Square

“GV” launched، in cooperation with Taqa Arabia، the “Tarboul Infra” co. to assume responsibility for developing، designing، building and operating the complete infrastructure and providing integrated solutions for utilities in the city of “Tarboul”.

Eng. Sherif Hamouda revealed that the new company، “Tarboul Infra”، will be responsible for providing the city’s full utilities، including electricity، water and gas، based on modern technology and environmentally friendly specifications، in order to be in compatible with “Tarboul”، being a major industrial center for international manufacturers and investors، and an attractive destination for global investment، and in line with the state’s plan aimed at increasing the industry’s contribution to the GDP and localizing the latest industry technologies.

Investment advantages

He assured that Egypt has many investment opportunities، trained and lower-paid workers، and the strategic site which facilitates the transportation of goods، as well as low prices for raw materials and others.

The industrial sector is becoming more attractive for investments thanks to the Egyptian state support

He affirmed that investment in Egypt also achieves the highest returns، given the large size of the market، the increase in population، and the constant need for goods and services.

He pointed out that the “GV” company sheds light during the MIPIM exhibition on its projects of sports clubs، coastal and real estate projects، including a social sports club in New Cairo on an area of 18  acres in Cairo Governorate، combines the concept of a social، sports and service club، and provides hotel services، a shopping center and E. Sport stadium، and contains green spaces at 88% of the total area، as well as the “White Sand” and “ Krair City” projects on the northern coast، which are residential، tourist، hotel and recreational projects، in addition to the “Time Square” project in Port Said Governorate.