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Bedour Ibrahim

Chairman of Expo Republic Co

Dr. Bassem Kalila: Reliable Platform for Purchasing Real Estate Units

Friday 17/March/2023 - 11:15 AM

The alliance of Kalila – the owner of Expo Republic Co. and organiser of the Nile Property Expo – and Coldwell Banker Company have launched CBK company to become the latest distinguished entity specialising in holding real estate exhibitions in the Egyptian market.

Dr. Bassem Kalila

We are keen to adopt professional techniques، from selecting serious developers and conducting studies to identifying customers’ preferences 

CBK is bracing itself for the launch of the Ready To Move Market (RTM)، the first exhibition to display ready-for-handover real estate on 4-6 May 2023، with the participation of major real estate developers.
RTM is the first event o be launched by CBK as part of its vision to organise international exhibitions inside and outside Egypt to contribute to achieving growth in various economic activities.

RTM exhibition promotes more than 20،000 ready units

CBK also aims for the RTM exhibition to become a reliable platform for those wishing to purchase real estate units ready for delivery، to develop this market during the coming period and attract buyers from outside Egypt to contribute to increasing real estate export.

A new lift-off

Dr Bassem Kalila، Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Expo Republic Co. said that the RTM exhibition is a new step for the Expo Republic Co. within the framework of its approach to leaving a mark on the Egyptian market after it launched the Nile Property Expo series.

Choosing a suitable date for holding exhibitions is the first step to success

The Nile Property Expo represented a model for successful exhibitions outside Egypt، contributed significantly to the export of real estate، and helped Egyptian companies take on a new base of Arab and foreign clients، Kalila added.

The company viewed that allying with a strategic partner with expertise and a large customer base like Coldwell Banker would crown the experiment with success and contribute to bringing innovative ideas to the Egyptian market، Kalila added.

The idea، he noted، was studied extensively، and a foundation was laid to provide added value to the market، stressing that achieving financial returns from the RTM exhibition is not the primary goal of CBK but rather stimulating sales and meeting customer requirements.

Egypt’s first ready-for-handover real estate exhibition to be held in May

He added that CBK would prepare the pavilions of the companies participating in the event to light the burden on developers and to achieve the goal of competitiveness in attracting customers’ attention to products and offers، not decorations and equipment made by the companies.

The Ready To Move Market (RTM) exhibition is set to be held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center، with the participation of major real estate development companies in Egypt، banks and real estate finance companies.


The exhibition is expected to promote no less than 20000 real estate and service units، with participating companies with portfolios of ready-made real estate units worth EGP 4-8 billion، Kalila clarified.

Nile Property Expo 2023 will be launched outside the Arab world under the auspices of the Egyptian Cabinet 

The idea of the exhibition was based on studies that proved that the customers at the time prefer obtaining real estate units that are ready for immediate housing or investment، he added.

The second option helps them achieve immediate returns، which can also cover the value of the instalment in case the unit is available in instalments، a matter that makes it a successful investment، he explained.

The real estate companies participating in the exhibition will display ready-made units، as well as resale properties offered by individuals.

The maximum delivery period for the offered units will be one year، he pointed out.

When the idea of the exhibition was presented، many companies working in the field of furniture and home furnishing expressed their desire to participate، as did real estate finance companies، Kalila pointed out.

Nile real estate

Dr Mostafa Madbouly، the Egyptian Prime Minister، agreed to sponsor the 2023 Nile Property Expo، which is to be organised by Expo Republic.

The exhibition is set to be held in several Arab countries and outside the borders of the Arab world.

The company will prepare participating companies’ pavilions to ease developers’ burdens

The Nile Property Expo series achieved noticeable success in the past years and gained government sponsorship throughout its holding periods since 2017 thanks to its seriousness، commitment to regulations and laws، and keenness to invite serious companies.

The 2023 Nile Property Expo is set to be titled “Invest in the Future – Invest in Egypt.”

Dr Bassem Kalila said that this year would witness the launch of Nile Property exhibitions in London and New Jersey in the United States of America، in addition to several Arab countries، including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kalila stressed that the company is keen to follow professional techniques، starting with selecting serious developers to participate in the exhibition and ensuring that the developer’s record of action is verified.

Then، the necessary ministerial decisions and licenses for the projects set to be promoted during the exhibition are obtained، guaranteeing the developer’s compliance with the laws and specific conditions of the countries where the projects are displayed.

In addition، the company “is keen to conduct studies to identify the interests of customers in the countries where the projects are offered as well as their requirements in terms of target cities، project specifications and payment methods، to ensure the ability of developers to achieve targeted sales، and then attention is paid to following the latest advertising techniques for projects،” he further noted.

It also takes into consideration the importance of choosing a suitable and thoughtful date for holding the exhibitions as well as presenting the most diversified portfolio of projects to meet various needs، he added.

Projects in the North Coast، the Administrative Capital، West and East Cairo، and residential، tourist and service units are set to be displayed during the event، he noted.