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Bedour Ibrahim

During their participation in MIPIM

Mountain View announces its partnership with Sisban to launch a new retail experience in KSA

Saturday 18/March/2023 - 02:14 PM
أصول مصر

As part of its mission “together building a lighthouse to inspire meaningful and happy communities”، Mountain View announces its debut in the Saudi market through a successful partner، namely rejoining forces with Sisban، a leading Saudi investment holding with global subsidiaries in various sectors including the commercial industry. Through the partnership، Mountain View aims to expand its innovative concepts and fulfill market demands. This is considered the second time Mountain View and Sisban join forces، the two entities partnered back in 2015 in the inauguration of Mountain View iCity، the first human-centric pedestrian city، and are partnering again to launch a new retail experience in KSA.

The announcement came during Mountain View’s participation in MIPIM، the world’s leading real estate market event، that is taking place in Cannes، France on 14 -17 March. During its presence، the company hosted two panels featuring Sisban to discuss further how they aim to bring life to land and spread happiness.

Promoting engagement

The first panel named “Retail Clutter vs. A Retail Experience: The new emerging concept in the region”، moderated by by Dan Innes، Managing Director at Innesco، and featured Eng. Ahmed El Moursy، Chief Happiness Officer at Mountain View، Robert Hanka، Chief Strategy Officer at Sisban Group and James Wrenn، Head of Capital Markets MENA at Colliers. The panel mainly discussed reimaging the retail experience to promote engagement and boost happiness، and how in today's retail landscape، it can be easy for customers to feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied. However، by promoting customer engagement and rethinking the retail experience، we can create happier environment for everyone. 

Moreover، through the panel، both Mountain View and Sisban were able to share further details about their latest partnership. The innovative retail experience designed specifically to provide families with an exceptional opportunity to spend quality time together in a new and different sense with activities and services that meet their different interests and demands.

The second panel took place in the Saudi Pavilion under the name “Mountain View Expansion from Egypt to KSA through its new partnerships in The Kingdom”. It was moderated by Nevine Coutry، Senior Account Director at Innesco and featured Eng. Wael Lotfy، Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer of Mountain View، Eng. Wael Ezz، Chief Commercial Officer of Mountain View; and Mr. Abdulrahman Mannaa، Chief Operating Officer F&B KSA of Sisban Group. The discussion mainly tackled the joint ventures in the Egyptian and Saudi retail markets، and how the mutual investments can achieve a boom in both markets. The panel also discussed the current updates across retail and F&B sectors that have been evolving in the Kingdom and in Egypt، how Mountain View alongside Sisban are addressing this change and how they teamed up to meet the market gaps in order to reshape the retail experience.

Expanding regionally and internationally

Eng. Amr Soliman، Founder and Chairman of Mountain View said، “Our strategy at Mountain View includes expanding regionally and internationally to export our innovation and successful experience in establishing integrated urban projects based on the science of happiness to other countries. As a result، we continue to forge strategic partnerships with leading companies that share the same vision in order to develop innovative real estate projects، introducing integrated communities and economic cities، as well as innovative resorts in line with our international standards of quality and unparalleled contemporary model.

He added، “Over 18 years، Mountain View has succeeded in developing 16 integrated urban projects in various development areas in Egypt، winning the trust of thousands of clients thanks to its distinguished and innovative design، placing Mountain View among the top three real estate development companies in Egypt.

Revolutionizing the industry

Founded in 2005، Mountain View embraced its journey with the sole purpose of revolutionizing the industry by adopting a unique vision of “bringing life to land and spreading happiness around us” standing on “Science of Happiness & Innovation” in accordance with international standards. 

Over the past 18 years، with a mission to building a lighthouse that inspires meaningful and happy communities the company has renewed its promises and confirmed its continuous dedication in delivering 16 distinctive projects، spread across three 3 main areas; West Cairo، East Cairo، and Coastal Projects، overlooking the Red Sea and the Mediterranean، led by a team of thought leaders and qualified experts. Mountain View has become an icon of modern architecture، aiming to elevate residents’ quality of life allowing them to “Experience Happiness”.