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Sara A. Abdoh's "Art and Technology" book is praised by Dr.Zahi Hawass

Monday 12/February/2024 - 08:44 AM
أصول مصر

Sara A. Abdoh's "Art and Technology" in the 21st Century  (Metaverse، NFT، VR، AR، XR and Digital Art)” book praised by the renowned archeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass in the 55th Cairo International Book Fair held this month، as the auther is the award winning Art Historian and the head of the Department of Sculpture، Architectural Formation and Restoration in the faculty of Applied Arts. 

Dr. Sara A. Abdoh، the first Egyptian to write a book about    metaverse

Dr. Sara A. Abdoh، an art historian and the first Egyptian to write a book about  NFT، AR، XR، VR and the metaverse، spoke during the book signing ceremony about the importance of integrating technology into the higher education at the universities in the art faculties so that it is possible to break the gap between local and the international artistic trend، while the famous archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass commented، saying: "You have brought together، through your interviews، the most famous artists all over the world of art and technology ….How did you do all that?!"

Dr. Sara A. Abdoh، the art historian and author of the book Art and Technology in the 21st Century، confirmed at the book signing ceremony at the Cairo International Book Fair that she has already begun steps to update the courses to keep pace with the rapidly changing artistic movement abroad، indicating that digital technology can be used to promote Egyptian artists abroad and their participation in international exhibitions.

Dr. Zahi Hawass cooperated and participated with Dr. Sara A. Abdoh 

It is noteworthy that Dr. Zahi Hawass eulogized Dr. Sara A. Abdoh as the only Egyptian art historian with whom he cooperated and participated with her to date back many of the artifacts and statues that he excavated and they published together many scientific articles in international academic journals، saying that prof. Sara A.  Abdoh is different from the archaeologist، as she can talk about the artifacts and statues through the eyes of the artist and art historian.

Prof. Sara A.  Abdoh also talked about Italy’s support for her by awarding her a research prize that enabled her to discover more about the world of art and technology، and how this was the beginning of her journey in writing a book on art and technology including the most famous artists all over the world from 14 developed countries such as Italy، France، Russia، Germany، America، England، Canada، Japan، Australia and others، in addition to several discussions and points of views by international specialists، art historians، curators، professors and architects in the field of art on the issue of integrating technology with the arts and what is the future of art in the era of rapid advancement specifically with the artificial intelligence.

Prof. Sara A.  Abdoh to promote tourism in Egypt

Prof. Sara A.  Abdoh explained how to promote tourism in Egypt and to increase the visits by foreign groups to the Grand New Egyptian Museum through virtual tours to attract more tourists to Egypt and how to preserve heritage and antiquities through the use of digital technology، especially the metaverse، NFT and blockchain technology.

Sara A. Abdoh's "Art and Technology" in the 21st Century  book signing ceremony was attended by many diplomats، artists، designers، professors and public figures، while the Italian cultural attaché in Egypt pointed out the importance of relations between Egypt and Italy in such cultural activities and he was impressed by her first and innovative  book in this arena.

It is worth noting that Dr. Sara A. Abdoh، the first Egyptian art historian، was awarded international research prizes from international institutions in different countries، including Italy، has gained international fame in the field of art and has been invited to give many lectures at many conferences abroad.

prof. Sara A. Abdoh، was selected to become a keynote speaker at the scientific conference in Malaysia

The global awards winner Egyptian art historian and plastic artist prof. Sara A. Abdoh، was selected to become a keynote speaker at the scientific conference in Malaysia Digital Futures International Congress 2023،  which is organized by Multimedia University and provides a multidisciplinary platform for gathering scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds to disseminate ongoing research related to digital futures of our society following the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development، and  talked about the importance of the role of arts in achieving sustainability in societies and the future challenges to face the problem of climate change by integrating digital technology in all fields، especially art.

Prof.Sara A. Abdoh was praised  for her excellent lecture by Multimedia University، one of the top ten Malaysian universities in the field of Computer Science، Engineering & Technology and Business & Economics، in Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings، which organized the scientific conference، Malaysia Digital Futures International Congress 2023 and by the Organizing Committee of Digital Futures International Congress.

Sara A. Abdoh، a main discussant for the 16th Annual International Conference on Mediterranean Studieslas

The Center for European & Mediterranean Affairs selected

 Egyptian artist  Prof. Sara A. Abdoh  as a main discussant for the  Annual International Conference on Mediterranean Studieslas last April in  Greece، which organized by Athens Institute for Education & Research and sponsored by the Athens Journal of Mediterranean Studies، aiming to bring together academics and researchers from  areas of Mediterranean Studies such as arts history،   culture،  archaeology، philosophy، sociology،  politics، international relations، economics،  business،and   sports، etc.

The Egyptian artist، Prof. Sara A. Abdoh، stated that the International Conference for Mediterranean Studies discussed important global issues، such as climate change and  reduce carbon emissions to protect the planet so as to achieve sustainable development، and the impact of the environment on architectural design and other studies related to restoration and preservation of heritage and monuments in order to implement sustainability in the countries of the Mediterranean region.

A prize from the Indian INSO AWARDS Foundation

Prof. Sara A. Abdoh، the Egyptian artist، was also selected by the Indian INSO AWARDS Foundation for innovative research in science، engineering and  medicine   for awarding her the International Scientific Award in these fields،   which is granted for the first time in the world to a plastic artist thanks to her innovation of the research project that she presented in Italy on arts and technology while obtaining a training scholarship from Italy  to become the first Egyptian art historian and the only plastic artist to receive this international award granted by the Foundation to scholars worldwide.

Prof.Sara A. Abdoh the youngest Egyptian plastic artist

Prof.Sara A. Abdoh is the youngest and first Egyptian artist to win a scholarship in Italy and international awards، that she received a high-level promotion to become the youngest department head in the faculties of fine and applied arts in Egyptian universities thanks to her unique scientific research worldwide،  which she published in many international journals in Europe، the United States and Asian countries.

She is considered the first artist to win an international scientific award in art as she chronicled and participated in the design of the first virtual architecture in the world by applying Metaverse technology during her scholarship in Italy that the pioneering artists and architects in Italy unanimously agreed that they were the first to hear for her innovative research project with the work of artists and architects when she was lecturing in Italy for her project on Technology، Art and Architecture.