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PARAGON Developments Signs 3 Technical and Engineering Consultancy Contracts

Monday 23/January/2023 - 11:38 AM

PARAGON Developments signed three contracts for engineering، architectural، technical، and executive consultancy in preparation for the construction of its flagship project Paragon 2، located in one of the most important and distinctive locations in the Financial District in New Administrative Capital. The three contracts included some of the most prominent companies in the market such as Mimar for Architectural and Engineering Consultancies; Engineering Solutions for Sustainability Consultancies، and ASASS Contraction as a general contractor for the project.

PARAGON Developments Signs 3 Technical and Engineering Consultancy Contracts  to Achieve Sustainability’s Top-Notch Standards

The new contracts signed for “PARAGON 2” aiming at utilizing the latest technologies in the real estate sector

The signing ceremony was attended by Eng. Mohamed Bedeir، chairman of PARAGON Developments; Eng. Mohamed Bedeir chairman of PARAGON، Eng. Ziad El-Hares، Co-founder and Managing Director of PARAGON Development; Eng. Mohamed Shaaban، Head of Engineering Sector at PARAGON; Eng. Ahmed Fawzy، Executive Director at Mimar Group; Eng. Waleed Lotfy، Design Director at Mimar Group;  Eng. Amgad Khattab، Managing Partner at Engineering Solutions; and Eng. Islam Onsy، Co-founder & General Manager at ASASS Construction.

Eng. Mohamed Bedeir: The new contracts unfolds PARAGON’s philosophy to create a harmonious administrative community

The signing comes in line with PARAGON’s keenness to achieve the latest sustainability standards، using top-notch technologies، as well as applying PARAGON’s thoughtful vision for sustainability across all its projects. Since its launch in the Egyptian market، PARAGON Developments has been always keen on achieving a notable position in the market through its unparalleled innovative projects to match the best global sustainable schemes، and by implementing the optimum model of smart buildings that is being accomplished in “PARAGON 2” project.

Eng. Mohamed Bedeir، chairman of PARAGON Developments، said: “The new contracts are an extension and an affirmation of the philosophy which PARAGON was founded on، being one of the foremost companies in real estate sector. Our principal philosophy seeks to achieve World Class sustainability standards، excellent time management، and optimal space utilization and to provide the best opportunities for a harmonious and flexible administrative community that achieves the highest productivity rates for business owners. PARAGON accentuates on maximizing the concept of smart buildings، this is through the company's strong management and its unique and innovative ideas، shaping its imprint in the implementation of such projects.”

El-Hares: We aim to enhance the work environment، encourage innovation، and create communities that improve the quality of life

For his part، Eng. Ziad El-Hares، Co-founder and Managing Director of PARAGON Developments said: “This step comes in line with PARAGON’s strategy to implement administrative projects that promote a healthy working environment، encourages excellence and innovation as well as create healthy communities. PARAGON is keen to partner with those who believe in the importance of sustainability and those that utilize modern technologies to achieve the highest standards of well-being and comfort for customers،” said El-Hares. “PARAGON in its projects includes the construction of environmentally friendly buildings to aim to achieve the American LEED certificate for environmentally friendly sustainable buildings that increase productivity.”

“Our Cooperation has shown how PARAGON focuses on the minutest details to reach 

 Fawzy: Our cooperation with PARAGON depends on the optimal utilization of spaces with all sustainability standards

Stand out and idiosyncratic designs that allow for the optimal utilization of spaces to provide customers with comfort and capacity tailored for all their needs. PARAGON’s vision ensures that the project is fully sustainable and not just an implementation of an attractive design،” said Eng. Ahmed Fawzy، Executive Director at Mimar Group. “Paragon 2 is the latest addition to the company's record of achievements that enhances competitiveness through its modern-style concept that is not widespread in Egypt، and the project is seeking to adapt the latest technology in the creation of real estate units.”

“Paragon 2” is the company's most indispensable project. Its design takes into account the latest global sustainability standards with several unique services and privileges. Paragon Hub in Paragon 2، is a central service area that benefits the entire project، which includes restaurants، cafes، an open area for outdoor work، a gym، a library، and a nursery for children. The project additionally has an 8،000-square-meter administrative building that is separate from the main building and the rest of the project and can be sold to one company to meet all its needs. Paragon 2 includes 3 Underground parking areas، with a capacity of 800 cars.