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Bedour Ibrahim

Bcirealty director: Egypt is gaining wonderful opportunities by participating in MIPIM 2023

Saturday 18/March/2023 - 01:48 PM

Bci realty Director Samuel Kirk، the commercial real estate company، said that Egypt's participation in MIPIM 2023 is significant، noting that it is a wonderful opportunity for the North African state to present its projects on the international level.

Bci realty Director Samuel Kirk

Egypt's participation in MIPIM 2023 is significant، noting that it is a wonderful opportunity

He added that he shared the same point of view with his business partner Hitham Al Mohen، noting that MIPIM، the 4-day Europe's leading event dedicated to innovation and tech in real estate، is a chance to show the world that wonderful projects that is currently being built in the New Administrative Capital (NAC)، or New Alamein City in the North Coast to the MIPIM audience.

Kirk stated that the 27th session of the United Nation Conference for Climate Change (COP27)، which took place last November in the Red Sea City of Sharm El-Sheikh، has a resounding success globally، and showed the scale of development that is happening in Egypt along with how sustainable and how green it is.

Bci realty Director Samuel Kirk

The director of the London-based commercial real estate consultancy elaborated that the Coronavirus outbreak for two years delayed Egypt's attendance to two versions of the exhibition.

He added that Egypt's current participation in MIPIM for the third time in row proved its position، referring that everybody in the exhibition is talking about the projects that Egypt showed. 

Kirk stated that there is also a competition with Saudi Arabia and other countries that doing significant projects. 

"I really feel passionate for Egypt expressing itself very well at the show to demonstrate the work it is actually doing،" he noted.

Kirk expressed his gratitude after reading news on MIPIM's website this week about a significant deal that has been signed between Egyptian and Saudi companies، saying that it is something that is created and formed at MIPIM during their participation over the previous years.

He referred to the French-Multinational company of Schneider Electric that is proved its success in the Egyptian market، adding that there is so much more investment opportunities in Egypt.

About things that the developer coming from Egypt or anywhere should do throughout the year before coming to MIPIM to win a great deal، Kirk said that that the developers should be prepared before the launching of the exhibition، that would be the best suggestion is to build a public relations that show their projects earlier.